10 points to grow your Business.


These ten useful points can be utilised to grow your business.

Genuine product.

Many businesses, both established and emerging, fail to identify the importance of this aspect. Nothing can entice a buyer more than an exciting product that has all the excellent features and applications.

“Not-to-say that an average product should never be launched but the best ones are forever.” Tweet:


You may be a stranger to your potential customers and vice versa. So, they can’t buy your product until they know and experience it. In a competitive market, a product should be smartly and relevantly advertised in many different places where your future customer can see it.

Business cards and letterheads.

Business is not just an engagement with customers; you also have to tie-up with different professionals who will be an essential link in the market. Their impression about you is influential in many circumstances, so having some good looking cards and letterheads can be helpful.


If your business works by the decisions of different parties involved you’ll never know what to expect. People who are currently not a part of your chain may someday be interested in the prospects of your business. To the contrary,  you may develop similar interests towards a different business. Networks like industrial relations and general acquaintances can go a long way in terms of future requirements.


Not to be confused with advertisements, promotions are meant for the next big step in your business. For example a well-known actor, athlete or community member promoting your product in a TV advertisement or press kits about your new establishment. With promotional materials you are escalating your business to new heights.

“Promotions are the next big step in your business to escalate your business to new heights” Tweet: Promotions are the next big step in your business to escalate your business to new heights: http://ctt.ec/5cH1c+

Little gifts. Big Impact.

Gifts from your business that really work with your brand. Pens and mints and all those bits and pieces are fine, but really think about your business and what it represents before you put something out there with your brand on it.

Offer strategies.

There will be many situations in a financial year when in order to move your products or services,  you have to attract customers with discounts, rebates and coupons. A well designed or disguised offer can attract huge amounts of customers and can collectively generate massive profits.


There are many reasons to celebrate. At this time it can be exciting to organize contests within communities, or on social media for an attractive prize. This can hold on to people’s memory for a long time.

“Gifts, offers and contests all reinforce your brand and can have a lasting impact” Tweet: Gifts, offers and contests all reinforce your brand and can have a lasting impact: http://ctt.ec/eS0f1+ via @ChilliMarketing


By sponsoring a professional sport event/team, art/artist your business will then be identified by their followers. A good deed of sponsoring a cause shows your good will gesture and creates a long-lasting impact.


With an interactive online presence your customers can reach you anytime and know about all the best offers you have for them.

These are just a few tips to guide you on your way with your business. I’d love to hear about any ideas you have! Let me know – drop a comment below!

And that’s the Dish!  Until next time, Belinda

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