10 Social Media Faux Pas to Avoid


The content you post to your business’s social media platforms can be seen by the entire internet audience – for this reason, knowing how to curate and create compelling content is critical. Just as critical is knowing what to avoid in your content strategy. We’ve created this list to help you avoid making potentially costly mistakes that could jeopardise your online presence.

#1 Don’t Stray From Your Brand

What you post on your social media pages must accurately capture your business’s brand message. Let your online content reflect your company’s message and be an extension of it. Don’t post anything that is irrelevant or unrelated. Stay on point!

#2 Don’t Use Textspeak in Social Media

Although you might be accustomed to typing “ur” and “brb” whilst sending SMS messages, make sure to keep your social platform grammar free of SMS language. Textspeak makes your brand appear unprofessional. Avoid at all costs!

#3 Don’t Create Negative Posts

Unless it fits with your brand message, don’t post critical, combative or negative content. Your fans don’t want to be bogged down with negative messages. Your posts should inspire, inform and entertain. Negative posts reflect upon your business’s image as a whole, so be careful.

#4 Don’t Follow or Friend On a Whim

Whom you follow on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms must accurately reflect what you believe in as a company. Keep a separate, personal Facebook account to follow or share off-message pages or content. It’s important to build and maintain trust using your company’s online presence, so keep your social connections consistent with your brand. Tweet this & share your thoughts.

#5 Don’t Let Questions Go Unanswered

You run a business, so you can expect people to have questions about it. When your fans or followers ask questions, make sure to address them quickly. Ignoring questions can lead to lost business which is always a no-no!

#6 Don’t Neglect Privacy

Always respect your customers’ privacy. Don’t create any posts that could compromise sensitive information or invade privacy. Be sure to have a firm policy where these issues are concerned.

#7 Always Be in Control of Your Company’s Image

Gaining enthusiastic followers and fans is great, but don’t let them become the face of your company online. Make sure to monitor conversations and respond appropriately to keep things under control.

#8 Don’t Stray From Your Business Social Media Strategy

If your company doesn’t have a social media strategy, get one straight away. These plans ensure that those who work for your business maintain consistency and follow important stylistic guidelines. Establishing these parameters for your company serves both your employees and your brand.

#9 Don’t Over-promote Yourself

Maintain a healthy 80/20 ratio on your social media platforms. This means that eighty percent of what your company’s posts should NOT be related to your business. Use the remaining twenty percent wisely and strategically. Over-promoting your business tires your audience, losing you fans and followers and ultimately, sales. Form connections with your users.

#10 Don’t Disappear

Cultivating your brand’s community takes time. Unless you are a power brand, instant results are unlikely, so stay active and keep posting even if you don’t have a large active audience. If your audience is small and inactive, start researching what you can do to invigorate them and get their attention. Never lose faith in your social profile. Building your audience takes time and planning, so stay at it!


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