17 Ways to Market Your Business Online


One of the best pleasures is to have an independent source of income. Marketing your services online can be a hard lesson to learn over time, but here is how you can market your service or product the right way from the beginning.

1.Tell your family and friends about your business:

When you are first starting out, the best way to grow your reach is to use the networks you already have. Request them to share your venture and its links on their social media sites and email contacts.

2.Utilise Google Ad-words:

Pay-per-click marketing is a great way to promote your business. Even though it may seem that PPC marketing is troubling, it is a sure-shot way to attract visitors to your site and consequently lead them to your services or products.

3. Use Samples and Giveaways:

It is quite hard to find someone who does not like a free sample. You can easily market your business by giving away samples of your product in the infancy period of your business. Request visitors to participate in contests or giveaways. You can also give incentives if your visitors share the contest on their social media sites.

4.Create an info-graphic:

These visuals display data interestingly in a manner which is easy to understand. You could ask a designer to make an info-graphic relevant to your services or products.

5.Subscribe to product feeds:

Websites like Google Merchant and Shopzilla allow consumers to compare product prices and information. Subscribing to product feeds can help you get more visitors.

6.Use video:

It is an extremely effective way to connect with and introduce customers to your business and products. A Youtube channel is another effective way to reach out to your client base.

7.Sell through eBay:

You could sell your service or product through eBay  or Etsy. This opens up to wider range  of cusomters.

8.Request vendors for assistance:

If you are distributing products for another company, there is a good chance that the company will assist you by mentioning you on in its online promotions.

9.Get yourself interviewed:

If you are knowledgeable in your field of business, reach out to as many people as you can and make them aware of what makes your business unique and stand apart from others.

 10.Write excellent blogs:

Good quality content is always attractive. You must provide real content and make it share-worthy.

11.Utilise Amazon product ads:

It permits you to put your existing ad on the retail page of Amazon. This will do you good in increasing your store’s conversion rates.

12.Give away business cards:

The cards should stand out and attract your customers.

13.Refresh your social media:

Ensure that you have a strong online presence. If you are dominant enough, you could soon become a thought leader.

14.Make up a coupon code:

Because everyone loves discounts!

15.Consider affiliate programs:

These programs will help you market your products. To do this, you need  a group of people who love your product and are happy to promote it to others.

16.Advertising through Facebook:

It is an excellent technique to access a very specific audience.

17.Show patience:

Similar to mortar and brick stores, online marketing take time to become successful.

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