3 Branding Mistakes That You Didn’t Know You Were Making


1Establishing a business is a tough task. Getting the right people to work for you is a tougher task.

But the toughest of all is probably branding your product. No matter how big the company or product is, a wrong way of branding it can destroy its reputation for eternity.

People often discuss the ideal ways to be employed to brand a product. But the branding mistakes that are repeatedly made by people are often overlooked.

Here are 3 branding mistakes to avoid:

1. Over the top taglines

One blunder that most of the companies make today is crafting an unrealistic tagline. They may be selling a motor bike, but their tagline seems to suggest that the bike has the capacity to provide the rider with superhuman abilities. A prospective customer may either spot the exaggeration and refrain from buying the product or buy the product and find themselves cheated.

Such taglines send a serious blow to the credibility of the company or the product. You should not create taglines that are difficult to believe or that do not represent the facts about the product. It is completely fine if your tagline is simple. It should be an interesting line that explains in a nutshell what your product actually does. In most cases, a good tagline plays a vital role in building the foundation of a company. Also,  taglines that are offensive can causedismay to the customers. A tagline should essentially reflect the personality of the company.

2. Not using present customers for word of mouth publicity

Studies have shown that eight percent of people who have had a good experience with a company will share it with at least three other people. Even the best salesperson in the world can be no match for the word of mouth publicity generated by a satisfied customer. You should encourage your customers to write testimonials and reviews for the product and post it on your website. I

t is also advisable to engage in active conversations with your clients on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and Linkedln. You may make an occasional telephone call to your customers and get feedback from them regarding your service. In such a context, chances are high that the customer will be filled with the impression that the company truly cares for their needs and is trying to improve their service.

3. Creating contradictory images of the product or company

It is damaging to your business if you convey a particular image of the company or product at one stage in your branding and another image at another stage.  Such instances can lead the customer to believe that your company is duplicitous. Being consistent in what you tell your customers is a key factor in the branding of a product. Your company many undergo many evolutions in the course of time. But the customer must always be able to hold on to the faith that your core values remain the same.

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