4 Critical Elements of Marketing to Businesses (B2B)


Business-to-business (B2B) marketing can be very different to marketing to consumers (B2C) from the budgets, audiences, and the way you engage… Do you really know what you’re up for?

Read about the four most important differences and fine-tune your marketing for the right business audiences:

1. Relationship Building.

B2B transactions between businesses tend to be larger and more expensive than those between a business and a consumer. Relationship building is vital. Your marketing must emphasise the personable, customer focussed side of your business so that you appeal to businesses wishing to create long-term relationships with other businesses.

2. Customised Products and Services.

It’s important to look for ways that you can customise your product or service to suit the needs of the businesses you are marketing to. During a B2B sale, you need to show the value of the relationship you might share with them, and that you’re ready and willing to cater to their needs.

“Here are 4 of the most important differences to consider when marketing to businesses”Tweet: Here are 4 of the most important differences to consider when #marketing to businesses: http://ctt.ec/fr43R+ by @ChilliMarketing

3. Unusual Target Market.

B2B purchasing usually involves a much longer decision making process with multiple people involved and varying budgetary requirements. In response to this, your marketing needs to target the decision makers in the business as well as the people who influence those decision makers.

4. More Information Sought.

Decision makers in B2B transactions usually research a number of potential suppliers, especially when they are purchasing large amounts of products or services. The level of information needed for the actual purchase decision is usually higher so you need to incorporate a lot more information into your key messages.

When you starting the process of looking for a marketing consultant it will help if you already have a clear idea of your marketing goals and objectives which should, in turn, inform what you need them to do.

Do you have any tips in communicating B2B?
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