7 Steps to the Perfect Pitch.


If you want your meeting, and more importantly, your product or service to be memorable, do some research.

A great presentation takes as much work as a good speech.

“A good pitch isn’t a one way street, so go in with an open mind” Tweet: A good pitch isn’t a one way street, so go in with an open mind. http://ctt.ec/kcad3+ via @ChilliMarketing

Know your stuff.

Know your numbers, facts and features like the back of your hand. If your pitch is well-crafted and thoroughly researched it will show in the results too.

A good understanding of your clients/prospects business and how it maps to your solution will give you an edge. No two pitches should be exactly alike. When you conduct your meeting, offer up your understanding of their problem and show them how your solution will address that concern.


It isn’t just about your product or service, but what it means for your client. An effective person takes cues off what the prospects says and adapts accordingly. Don’t go in like a high speed train rattling off your script. Ask the right questions. Show that you have fully understood their requirements, which they may feel are unique.

“The perfect pitch should feel less like a presentation and more like a conversation” Tweet: A good pitch should feel less like a presentation and more like a conversation. http://ctt.ec/fc746+ via @ChilliMarketing

Answer questions and don’t dodge them.

There will be tough questions. How well you handle them will go a long way in making the right impression. If you don’t have an answer share the information you do have. Make note of their question and let them know by when you will get back with an answer.

Clearly define your offering.

Ensure your client has understood the full capability of your offering. Summarise neatly so they get a snapshot view of the important features.

Sprinkle your presentation with anecdotes, examples and real client scenarios where your product/service has helped. Illustrate your solution with actual business cases.

Outline the benefits of working with you.

Demonstrate the impact clients have felt from working with you. Use relevant statistics.

Keep some references handy and refer to them in your conversation. Offer to connect them with clients you have worked with.

Be concise.

No one has time for long presentations. Your prospect is likely to have heard pitches from several solution providers. Make sure your pitch stands out.

Keep it short and simple.

“A perfect pitch will be concise with clearly defined offerings”Tweet: A perfect pitch will be concise with clearly defined offerings. http://ctt.ec/5_DH7+ via @ChilliMarketing

Thorough research can help you pinpoint the challenges well. It will also allow you to eliminate things that are not relevant to a client from your pitch. By keeping the conversation focused, you will be able to use your time efficiently. Allocate a percentage of your time to talking and the rest for taking questions and listening.

Deliver a final proposal that clearly matches their expectations.

Now that you have had a productive meeting, it is time for the all important follow through. Use the notes you have made and information gathered in the meeting to tailor a proposal. Again, don’t fall into the trap of using a templated proposal document.

Reference your conversation points in your proposal. Address their concerns. Include additional features they may have requested.

And that’s the Dish!  Until next time, Belinda

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