Do you ever get the feeling that

you should know more about marketing than you do?

I get it. It can be really hard to learn something new when you find it confusing or even confronting.

Here’s something that you might relate to:

“You were told your business needs marketing and here you are. A little unsure about what this business buzzword is all about. You know you need marketing, you just don’t know how you’re supposed to do it when there’s a million marketing ideas out there”…!

That’s where Green Chilli steps in.

No matter the size of your business or your budget, marketing matters. And we’re here to help get your business in front of your buyers. We pick the right marketing service to work for you.

And here is the best part, if you want to learn how to do this for yourself, we can help with that too

It’s no longer about us just telling you what you need to know, you can learn directly from me and kick your business into overdrive!


Meet The Woman Behind It All

I’m Belinda Bow and I’m a woman on a mission.

I’m here to help your business go boom with hot marketing. It’s my thing and I’ve been doing it for 20+ years.

I’m a proud mum of two beautiful kids. In addition to being a major marketing nut and pulling out all the stops for my clients, I have written a children’s book (which you can find here), produced and presented in a documentary on Human Trafficking, undertaken a build in Nepal, and that’s just for starters. Let’s face it, I am passionate about life and a big fan of saying yes, or rather, “hell yes”!

And you might also want to know that I’m a Certified Practising Marketer and an Associate Fellow with the Australian Marketing Institute (or CPM to get a little fancy).

The thing to understand about marketing is that there’s never a cookie cutter approach when working with me. That’s all thanks to my career across a huge range of industries including IT, Human Resources, Financial Outsourcing, Joint Venture projects, Education, Insurance, Retail, B2C, B2B and more!

My diverse marketing experience allows me to customise your marketing to your business needs.


don’t take my word for it

read what others say.

“My experience of working with Belinda has been fabulous in every aspect … she is one of those rare consultants that you never want to leave. Belinda fully engages with her mission to give the organisation her very best in creativity and imagination and then grounds it with well considered action and results.

Maroba has enjoyed the ride of discovery in the field of passionate marketing, with Belinda at the wheel we have had a lot of fun along the way. She is honest in not telling you what you think you want to hear …. but manages to remove the layers of the past, while introducing new and innovative marketing methods as a new way of life. Bottom line is “Belinda delivers” !!!!!!”  VIV ALLANSON  |  CEO @ MAROBA

“I engaged Belinda to help me with my marketing, in particular to improve the messages I put into the marketplace. She was quick to analyse and recommend a critical improvement that has made a significant difference. It was a “light bulb” moment for me. Worth it’s weight in gold. The “focus session” has given me so much to think about. Thank you Green Chilli.”  PETER EDWARDS  |  Principal/Owner @ Get Smart Sales Solutions

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