All websites are not created equal


The trouble with bargain-basement websites is that there’s every chance you will get exactly what you pay for – not much. A huge amount of work goes into creating an effective website…

You need to make sure your website:

  • Is visually appealing – but not just to you and your friends, it has to appeal to your target market.
  • Is easy to use and navigate around.
  • Has been designed by someone who knows what they are doing – if your web developer isn’t a professional graphic designer (or vice versa), you’ll need to use both.
  • Is useful and informative for the visitor. Make your site a resource that visitors want to return to.
  • A site that ranks highly in Search Engines, so you can be found!
  • Features content that has been written professionally.

Remember: Content is King

The writing of promotional text (called copy) is a craft that uses specific formulas and techniques to carefully construct words, lines, phrases and paragraphs so they have a certain effect on the reader. Website copy is no exception.

  • A professional copywriter will ensure that your website:
  • Uses language that appeals to and is easily understood by your target market.
  • Is written in a way that engages your reader and inspires them to act.
  • Maintains your professional image by eliminating redundant phrases, poor grammar and spelling errors.
  • Is linked to as many key words as possible to ensure Google findability.

The Main Event: Your Logo

And if you don’t already have a great logo, you need to get one before your website goes live. Β It needs to give your website the wow factor and instil a sense of “I need to talk to these guys” instantly!

Does your website tick all the boxes?
How do you measure the success of your website?

So that’s the Dish.

Belinda Bow

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