Are You Social Media Savvy?


Today brand reputations are built and broken online.Small businesses have made waves and seen stellar growth on the back of smart social media strategies.

So is your enterprise social media savvy? Here are some things to keep in mind to get your organisation’s social media tactics on track:

Hit or miss

Social media strategy treads a fine line between being personal and connecting with an individual, and yet maintaining an aura around the brand and what it stands for. Before you begin, chalk out a clear vision for your brand. Ensure you stay consistent not just across various social media channels and platforms, but also with the messaging, tone and voice both offline and on mobile.

Don’t let it come down to a numbers game

While the numbers of followers and likes will matter as metrics to track, it is the quality of the engagements that will actually drive business, which is, ultimately your ‘big goal’. The difference between success and failure can sometimes stem from the early steps (and missteps) your brand makes online. Slow and steady can work for some brands too.

Getting the right team on board

Having the right talent behind your social media strategy and to execute your plans, is vital. A mix of professionals blending content expertise, domain knowledge and digital marketing expertise is always a good idea.

Know where you should be

Social media comes in all shapes and sizes. A cookie cutter approach or expecting to plaster the same content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is a recipe for disaster. Not only are these mediums different, so too are their audiences. Also, each platform serves a different purpose in an individual’s life. So keep that in mind when you choose what you say and showcase on each platform, and whether indeed, you need to be present on all at all. A company with a lot of great design driven products might benefit hugely from Instagram or Pinterest, a financial services product could probably safely avoid the two.

Rope in influencers

Don’t just limit your marketing to your own in-house team. Influencer marketing is a big part of the digital marketing puzzle today. And that is especially true when it comes to social media. People are more open to hearing the view of someone they see as a specialist or an expert on the subject, than they are to marketing spiel churned out by your team on the brand’s account, no matter how sassy. Think of it as you would, reading a post about a restaurant by a food blogger, versus one you see by the restaurant itself. Which one is likely to engage you more? Which one would you trust?

Really humanize your interactions

Humanizing your interactions with your prospects and audience on social media isn’t just about saying something witty or being ‘engaging’. Your brand needs to have a clearly defined personality that extends into social media interactions. Have a mandate of broad guidelines and a style to be used in responses and posts made on the official accounts of the company. Try and limit posts to a core team, so that the tone and style remains consistent. Don’t try to make your brand something it brand is not.

Get behind that content

Content is eminently shareable and can be very addictive for your audience if you get it right. Figure out what they want to read, the information they are seeking and a broad thematic link to your own services and products. Don’t use each post as an opportunity to plug your products, but don’t hesitate to include link backs if they are relevant. As people fall in love with your content, they will start to share it with their networks and you will get the reach you desire. Remember, this doesn’t happen overnight, so stay in it for the long haul.

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