Be Bold To Grow Your Business.


It’s a new year and the right time to plan new business goals or refine goals from the previous year.

Setting goals is an essential task for you to be successful in the corporate world, whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing business, irrespective of the size and industry. Below are a few business goals you can adopt in 2015 to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Aim for clarity of vision.

“Clarity of vision is essential to steer your business in the right direction.” Tweet: Clarity of vision is essential to steer your #business in the right direction. Here's how > via @GreenChilli

Many new and old businesses don’t succeed because the owners or managers fail to have a clear vision. You need to really define your vision on paper to understand how to implement steps to achieve the same.

Say you want to increase your sales in 2015. How are you going to achieve this goal and by how much? Being vague about your business goals is not doing you or your business any favors. Instead, quantify your sales figures and make detailed plans for your quarterly and annual sales figures.

Be as clear as possible and share the details with your staff so that they know what they are in for and work as per your detailed vision.

Take required steps.

Having a detailed vision is a waste of time if you don’t follow up with necessary actions. Say you want to launch a new product in 2015. How much do you need to invest as fresh capital? Do you have the required capital for it or do you need to apply for a loan? Have you thought of a marketing plan for the new product? How many geographical areas do you want to include for the new launch? Have you conducted the required market research? So on and so forth.

So once you clarify your vision, make detailed action plans for each of those visions or for one grand vision, and set a deadline for each task. This way you know if you are going slow or heading along the wrong path.

“A detailed vision, action steps and deadlines are all essential for business growth.”Tweet: A detailed vision, action steps and deadlines are all essential for #business #growth > via @GreenChilli

Find and follow innovative marketing plans.

Marketing alone won’t help your business achieve greater heights. The right marketing implemented in the best way for your business is what you need to achieve speedy growth. This is the time to formulate creative marketing plans to take your business to a whole new level of success.

You need marketing plans best-suited for your business. So in 2015, other than the tried and tested formulas, also think of new ways to increase your sales and add new clients. Can your business benefit from social media marketing? If yes, then try it. Offer useful tips to your clients via social media outlets. Do not use the social media to just pitch new ideas or advertise new products, but to offer more to them to build your brand and sales will follow.

Can you close more sales through new offerings like a newsletter or creative content marketing? Well, see if it works for you and give it a go. Get a website. Try new ways to offer free samples during trade fairs. Don’t be shy when it comes to trying new concepts.

Be bold in 2015 to grow your business.

How are you going to do this in 2015?

And that’s the Dish!  Until next time, Belinda

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