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I love chatting about great examples of branding that I see and this one is no exception. This time, it’s a children’s clothing brand, gumboots! Great product, great service and great branding!

I was browsing through my local shopping centre recently when I came across a lovely children’s clothing store by the name of Gumboots. After selecting some items for my toddler daughter, I was given a funky little carry bag with my purchase. Turns out it was actually a backpack that can double as a library bag. My daughter loved it so much she wore it around the shopping centre for hours, providing Gumboots with a walking advertisement!

Great clothing and great branding – could it get better? Yes. And this Marketer loved it.

The clothing itself rocked โ€“ super cool and smack bang on their brand image. Plus, as a clever bonus, the cute little label on the clothing was also a tag for borrowing library books, adding to the library promotional theme. Now this made me feel even better about my purchase as the library bag and borrowing tag reflects educational values, which appeals to parents and helps make it a positive purchasing experience for them. And here’s the kicker: plastered all over the library bag and borrowing tag was the Gumboots logo. Clearly this is a company that understands the importance of reinforcing branding via promotional items.

Branding is about every element of your business… and these guys have it nailed from every angle.

Effective branding is not just having a funky logo or signage with the company name on it. It’s about reinforcing your brand by featuring it wherever possible (in keeping with your image) so potential customers become familiar with it, thus creating a sense of trust. By branding promotional items that are consistent with the type of products they distribute (funky clothes for toddlers).

Gumboots is a great example of how you can effectively use the concept of branding to your advantage.

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