Building your Business Brand

Branding is not just about a logo. While this extrinsic attribute does form part of branding, it barely scratches the surface! It’s time to get a good understanding of what your brand really is!

So, if this sounds like your understanding of branding and you’ve been wondering why it hasn’t worked, the sad news is that you haven’t really been engaged in branding, which in turn means your marketing plan has not been cohesive.

Visual identity is an important element of the branding process but it’s not entirely what branding is.

For successful branding you need a plan that helps you achieve specific goals and objectives. While you may have fluked some positive results from your new logo, colour or sign, relying on luck is hardly an effective strategy for growth!

When you’re building your brand it is vital to get to know your customers and create a lasting relationship with them. The intangible parts of your business, such as values, are really what your customers will either connect with or reject. So, if you can get inside the mind of your customers, and give them what they want, you’re well on your way to building a successful brand. In that sense, your business doesn’t really own the brand, your customers do.

What do your clients need?

Sucessful is all about offering your customers something they really need:

  • something relevant and meaningful
  • something that will improve their lives.

Customers will be happy to spend their money with you if you give them positive and rewarding experiences, via a product or service, in return. If they like the experience (your product or service), they’ll take ownership of it. Achieve this and you will have built what is often called an emotional brand, one that is clearly different from everyone else’s.

An emotional brand has personality, the kind of appeal that sees your customers place little or no emphasis on price due to the other, emotional benefits you provide them with. However, to build an emotional brand, you must strive to connect with your customers on a regular basis – find out what they need and want, look at whether any patterns emerge over time.

Offer the experience they’re after before your competitors, treat them with care and respect and you’ll find that the partnership you nurture with your customers builds your brand for you.

What elements of your brand are most important to you and your business? Why?
How do you offer your clients a positive and rewarding experience?

So that’s the Dish.

Belinda Bow

I am Belinda Bow

I love all things marketing and I thrive on seeing a business become re-energised and flourish. I am excited about life and I adore my family.

Within these articles, you’ll find some helpful tips and some real guidance to help you make the most of your business, and gain a good understanding of all things marketing.


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