How Cloud Computing Increases Productivity.

GCM Blog PostsCloud computing has been the new craze for many firms in the past couple of years. While technically, cloud computing has been around for a while, itโ€™s popular use began less than half a decade ago.

It is now one of the most popular sources of data storage and backup.ย Until recently, data back up was always a problem. It had to be hauled in large metal servers that collected all the data in one location, or on tapes which have to be rotated and moved offsite.

While there was the advantage of the server being available in a tangible product, one of the main problems of the server is the storage space and itโ€™s limitations.Since the advent of cloud computing there have been improvement in leaps and bounds in technology.

Here are some of the main reasons how and why cloud computing is the best proponent towards increased productivity.

No IT problems

In the case of a cloud server, unlike that of regular computing services, the provider of the cloud computing service is solely and fully responsible for the proper functioning of the cloud. The maintenance and repair of the cloud can be done remotely from any part of the world.

This allows multi-national businesses to function with relative ease and speed. It also axes any additional IT expenses that you may have to pay as service charges to your regular computing services.

Easy on the pocket

One of the biggest selling points of cloud computing is the use of cloud computing technology to remotely access their servers. Additionally, the main advantage of cloud computing is the ability for a one stop shop mechanism to exist wherein, there is no need to employ the additional IT service charge of your computing services.

In the case of hiring a cloud computing service, it is just a matter of paying a one-time service fee, under which maintenance is also included. This is a lot more economical than any other service.

Disaster proof

Cloud services are virtually impossible to harm. The cloud service is just a loose existence of data in the open network. It is impossible really harm the data gathered in the cloud. This is a huge advantage as it allows you to protect your data in case of any natural calamity or disaster.

Unlike conventional computing services, cloud computing service is a non-palpable form of data service, this makes it impossible to harm by nature. Even if there is a hindrance caused due to any natural calamity, the damage caused will be minimal, easy and cheap to repair, all while keeping your data completely safe.


In cloud computing services, your data is allocated in a central location and can be accessed through designated points. It is thus relatively a lot safer than conventional computing services.

In the conventional way of computing service, the ubiquity of the service was the reason it was unsafe, however, with cloud computing being a central functioning service, it makes it much easier and economical to monitor security in one place than in 10 places simultaneously. It is thus, safer too.

How could cloud computing increase your productivity?
Could using the cloud enable your business to run smoother?

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