Creating a Positive Company Culture – Easier than you Think



Companies and human resource departments are ever on the lookout for hacks to fix their corporate work culture, to churn out generations of happy employees. A positive work environment translates to better productivity, higher retention rates, the ability to attract quality talent and ultimately achieve a stronger bottom line.

So what is the holy grail to joy at work?

There is no one size fits all strategy, and what you do will ultimately need to be tailored to the specific needs of your business. That said, there is a way to make tangible steps towards that often elusive target, to build something that’s lasting and well loved. Here’s how to get started.

Take your workplace culture pulse

The workplace is a living breathing system and taking time out to call in specialists to do a workplace culture pulse test is something progressive organisations are fast realising is a necessity. It doesn’t matter whether the organisation is in the manufacturing sector – an industry or factory set up, a corporate environment, a service industry firm, a government or affiliated organisation or even a school or university. All of these workplaces can do with a check up to see that everything’s running to plan. And if it is not, you may get a good idea of what to do and have the opportunity to address it right away. This takes the guesswork out of knowing what your company culture is and what people like about it.

Perform a company culture audit

Sit down with leadership, management and employees old and new. Understand what the essence of the company culture is. Reflect on the history, the brand and what the company stands for. Use this to zero in on that one unique thing your company culture has going for it. Ultimately as with other things in the company, employees would want to feel involved and not have a culture thrust upon them. Be sure to make it a collaborative process.

Talk to your employees

As part of the review of your culture, you will need to engage with your employees and possibly even partners and vendors to get a third party perspective on things. Find out what people love and hate about the workplace and dealing with people in this organisation. Ensure that their voice is heard and taken into account. They need to feel like they are part of the company and relate to the culture.

Have workshops or discussions where they feel free to open up in a non-threatening environment. Have third party mediators who they are comfortable speaking to. Keep it anonymous if that helps.

Set up a proper program for building that culture

Having a long term strategy for ensuring the culture is ingrained across the organisation is vital.

 Workforce planning that aligns with the goals for company culture will need to be laid out. This will ensure the right people are hired, who fit in with the desired culture.

 The organisational structure too must reflect this culture. If you feel being an innovative fast paced company is important, you will need to do away with hierarchy and make things flatter.

 Create fun rituals that are a rite of passage for employees. Even if your organisation is young, you can build new traditions. Things that people associate closely with the fabric of your company culture.

 Not unlike a cultural immersion program in a new country, a company too must ensure its members (employees) assimilate the essence of the culture. All levels will need to be sensitised to it.

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Even if you have nailed your company culture, remember that things change. You will need to revisit this every few years or whenever there is any major environmental change – from a change of leadership to a merger or restructuring. A static culture that’s  outdated can be bad for morale. You may also need to update your culture to be in sync with new goals and changing times. With this in mind, it is only a matter of time and steadfast commitment before you are on your way to building that positive culture you yearn for in your organisation.

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