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Our marketing goals and objectives can range from brand awareness to increasing traffic to our website but it all comes back to one single reason: we promote our business so that we can sell what we’ve got to offer.

But how well does your marketing work? How do you know if your marketing is achieving your goals?

Most businesses think that if their revenue increases, then their latest marketing campaign, or this year’s marketing strategy was a success. Alternatively if their revenue doesn’t increase, then their marketing hasn’t been successful.

However, there are a number of ways you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing:

Measure The Clicks From and To Your Marketing.

One way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing is by the number of clicks to your website and around your website.

If the number of clicks increases since you implemented a marketing campaign that directs people to your website, and one of your goals was to increase traffic, then it is safe to assume that the campaign was a success.

It is important that you measuring the amount of clicks both before and after the implementation of the campaign.

Measure Enquiries About Your Services.

The amount of inbound enquiries to your business can be a good measure of the effectiveness of a specific marketing campaign.

If you have more potential customers calling or emailing your business and enquiring about your products or services, you can be comfortable knowing they are hearing your key messages and taking an interest in your business, hence the enquiries. Keep doing what you are doing!

Above all, Measure Engagement with your Marketing.

One of the best ways to measure your marketing success is by customer engagement. The amount of new clients or products sold since implementing a marketing strategy can help you prove its success or failure. If the amount has increased significantly, your marketing was a major success as a customer or client has chosen to engage with your business. This means that they received all the messages you sent them (and listened!), and chose your company for your product or service.

One of the most important elements of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing is defining what success means and that means defining specific and measureable goals for each marketing activity you perform.

How do you determine the success of your marketing?
How important is it to your business to really understand the return on your investment?

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