Do Your Clients Love You?


Getting the love and respect from your clients is the best benchmark for measuring your success and that of your business. In today’s society, nurturing relationships with your clients is more important than ever.

Think about this, just one happy (or unhappy) customer can use social media to share their opinion about you and your business with potentially millions of people.

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Maroba Caring Communities.

Maroba Caring Communities, an aged care facility, recently approached us for a complete overhaul of their public image. To help them, we developed and implemented a full marketing strategy that included a brand new website and various marketing pieces.

Items We Developed.

A few of the tools that we developed for Maroba Caring Communities include:

  • A “Transition to Care” brochure that introduces the concept of aged care and the steps involved, providing a great resource for interested clients.
  • A branded tea-bag that states “Aged care is a big decision, take your time” that is presented along with the brochure.
  • A brand new website with various different elements, all highlighting Maroba and its various facilities.
  • Beautiful custom photography.
  • An advertising campaign.
  • A full social media campaign.

Another Satisfied Customer!

Shortly after completing the overhaul for Maroba, we received this testimonial from Viv Allanson, Maroba’s CEO. She said:

“My experience with Belinda has been fabulous in every aspect…she is one of those rare consultants that you never want to leave. Belinda fully engages with her mission to give the organisation her very best in creativity and imagination, and then grounds it with well-considered action and results. Maroba has enjoyed the ride of discovery in the field of passionate marketing; with Belinda at the wheel, we have had a lot of fun along the way. She is honest in not telling you what you think you want to hear…but manages to remove the layers of the past, while introducing new and innovative marketing methods as a new way of life. Bottom line is ‘Belinda delivers’!!!!!”

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Maroba and Viv, and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. As you can see, we took the time to understand our client and deliver exactly what they were after! In doing so, we have gained the love of one more client.

Tell us about your experiences nurturing your client relationships.

What do you do to help ensure your clients love you? And how do you deal with a client who is unhappy with your goods or service?

And that’s the Dish!  Until next time, Belinda

(The image used in this article is kindly courtesy of Maroba Caring Communities)

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