Do You Get Hot Under The Collar For Marketing?

Are you ready to take complete control of your clients, your cashflow, and your career?

And are you ready to carve your own path, whatever way that looks like?

A business-in-a-box marketing agency that’s yours.

Set up your very own thriving marketing consultancy with Green Chilli Marketing.

Because starting your own marketing business from the ground up takes a lot of time, effort, money, and hard work. Luckily, Green Chilli Marketing has done the hard yards for you.

We give you a franchising framework for success.

Goodbye generic corporate jungle.

Hello unique business you can make your own.

Because if you’re returning to work, you can bet your career you’ll going to be stuck with the clients that bore you to death. And that’s the quickest way to extinguish the flame you once felt for marketing.

Not on Green Green Chilli Marketing’s watch.

We stand for marketing superstars who want more.

Like, what if you want to work from that cute little cafe you can never get a seat at on the weekends because it’s so busy? What if you want travel for 2 months and work from your laptop? What if you want to never book a meeting on Monday because that’s now family fun day instead of dreaded Monday?

At Green Chilli Marketing, it’s your way or the highway.

Choose your career, your clients, your cashflow.

Choose career satisfaction.

Choose green chilli marketing agency.

Green Chilli Marketing is made up of marketing nuts who get hot under the collar for great marketing results.

Green Chilli Marketing is giving professional, experienced marketers a highly detailed franchise framework to start their own business by building on the experience and talent of a successful, professional industry leading brand.

Green Chilli Marketing is Australia’s first Marketing Franchise that shortcuts the process of starting your own business by working with a well-established and successful marketing brand. By using the franchise model, we give you a framework you can put your own mark on.

As a Professional Marketer, You Don’t Need Marketing Training, You Need Business Training.

Enter: Green Chilli Marketing agency

A business opportunity for marketing professionals who’re looking for a fulfilling career that loves their family just as much as they do.

Are you the right spice?

  • You get marketing, you love marketing. If you could marry marketing, you probably wouldn’t because you love your partner, but you considered it because you get the possibilites of marketing.
  • We’re looking for marketers who are genuinely excited about helping business owners achieve more with their marketing.
  • You’re a self-starter, who’s got the right amount of experience to own, implement and deliver campaigns, sponsorships and drive awareness.
  • Local area marketing is a spice you’ve added to your marketing mix before, and you’ve got the skills to engage with stakeholders at all levels.
  • You’ll grow your franchise within your territory, using a wide range of marketing communication deliverables, as well as develop approved third party affiliations and partnerships.
  • You’ll develop and maintain relationships with new and existing business partners and leaders.

As a Green Chilli marketer, you’re:

A marketing superstar with 5 years board experience coupled with a marketing degree or postgraduate diploma in marketing, or you’re already a Certified Practising Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute.

With a minimum of 2-3 years’ previous sales experience, CRM/ direct marketing experience, and business systems experience.

Plus, you’re a marketer who understands the entire marketing mix and who’s dabbled in business to business services marketing before.

You and Green Chilli, we’ve got the same values, like:

We love our work. We get excited about the work we do.
We admit, we’re organisation freaks.
Communication is our jam and we’re guns at it.
We think on our feet and make decisions using our super awesome analytical brains.
We are possessed by our passion for the marketing industry.
Our family always comes first, even if our family is our furbaby.
We love working shorter days so we’ve got more time to play.
We love spending time doing things that fill up our cup, and that can include filling our up cup with wine on Friday afternoons.

Start your Green Chilli Marketing career today.
Call us on 1300 884 356, or we’ll call you…

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So, Why Choose A Franchise Instead Of Setting Up Your Own Business?

How much blood, sweat, tears and money are you ready to spill to set up your own business? How many months are you willing to go without pay as you make a name for yourself? How many long days and late nights are you actually ready to put into your own business to start seeing the rewards?

There’s no sugar coating it, setting up your own business is hard work but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards.

At Green Chilli Marketing, we’ve done all the sweating, all the scary months, all the long days and late nights, and we’ve spent all the money on setting up the foundations of a sustainable, successful marketing agency with a reputation that produces consistent, amazing marketing results for our clients.

Green Chilli Marketing is ready to hand over the business-in-a-box marketing agency that you can make your own.

With our extensive experience across a huge range of industries including: IT, Human Resources, Financial Outsourcing, Joint Venture Projects, Education, Insurance, Retail,  B2C, B2B and more, we’re here to help you setup your very own marketing agency that’ll go boom straight out of the franchising box.

And we’re waiting for you to join us.

Start your Green Chilli Marketing career today.
Call us on 1300 884 356, or we’ll call you…

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Green Chilli’s founder Belinda Bow tells it like it is. She lifts the lid on what it’s really like to be your own boss, run your own marketing agency, and have a family you actually love spending time with.

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