Get a Website that Rocks


In today’s world of funky gadgets and fast paced technology, a website is often the first point of contact, so it’s important to have a website that rocks. it starts with a hot design.

You have just seconds to engage your visitors!

Your website must catch the reader’s attention within seconds, before they lose interest and leave. But it’s not enough for it to just be eye catching,

it should be interactive as well. An interactive website will hold the reader’s interest and give them a reason for visiting. Try adding blogs that feature “how to” guides and useful information about your industry. This helps reinforce your company’s expertise in your chosen field. (However, when it comes to writing blogs, remember: aim to come across as an expert, not a salesperson.)

Make your website yours!

Be sure to create a website that’s aligned with your brand. For example, use the same fonts and colour schemes as your logo, and reflect your brand values when promoting your product or service. Branding helps potential customers identify with you (instead of with your competitor!). Your website is an ideal opportunity to reinforce your image and increase awareness of your brand.

And don’t forget to include that all-important call to action! A call to action is a feature that persuades visitors to take action. The action you want them to take might, for example, be signing up for your newsletter, downloading a PDF or following a link to a social media page.

3 key things to remember –

:: Attract and hold your visitor’s attention
:: Communicate your brand
:: Drive your visitor to make a decision (calls to action).

What makes your website rock?
What “Call to actions” work for you?
What is the best page of your website? Why?

So that’s the Dish.

Belinda Bow

I am Belinda Bow

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