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Blog PostsFinding the right partner for your business is one of the most important decisions anyone makes, whether it is a startup or a company that’s much larger.

Either way the stakes are high. What follows should help you zero in on the best contractors and external suppliers for your firm. Here are some compelling reasons that should make you hire a certain supplier or contractor for your business.

They have been around a while.

For a sustainable long term relationship that assures your clients in turn, of seamless uninterrupted service, on-time delivery and quality products, you need to be sure your contractor will deliver. There are too many fly by night operators who could leave you in the lurch, potentially costing you revenue and clients.

They come with the right credentials.

Besides meeting the requisite industry standards, any memberships of industry bodies, especially those that are known for their stringent screening process, should give you added assurance that you’re making the right choice.

They/the team is qualified.

Be sure that the team you are signing on is well qualified. Certifications and industry training is crucial in ensuring you have a contractor who knows what they are doing.

They have the right kind of experience.

More often than not you will seek out vendors who have a lot of experience. But be sure to delve into the details. Check what companies they have worked for. Find out if their previous clients had similar set ups and requirements as you do.

They come with local expertise.

Local knowledge is one of the most underrated factors in vendor selection. It is in times of crisis or emergencies that this comes into play. They will be able to use their knowledge of the region to find alternatives or workarounds for issues. For instance, if you suddenly bag an order that requires double your usual supply of raw materials, at very short notice, you will benefit from having a supplier who has strong connections locally and can pull together what you need.

They are known for being good specialists.

If someone is known for their expertise in a niche, they are probably very very good at what they do. Hiring them over someone with a broader range of abilities might make sense if you require very specialized work to be done, and are unlikely to need the other services that a broad based player offers.

They may not be the cheapest, but offer value for money.

The cheapest contractor or supplier isn’t necessarily the best. If you’re raking out more, it may be well worth it if it assures you of a better quality of output. It may also mean more consistency, less downtime, and a higher degree of reliability.

They hold the necessary licenses to operate where you need them to.

Check that your contractor or supplier has all the requisite licenses and paperwork to enable them to work with you. Promises of acquiring these at a future date are not good enough.

They have the capacity to grow with you.

A growing organisation needs partners that can grow with them. Go over the growth strategy of your supplier. Check that they will have the ability to scale up should you need them to.

They have robust cash flow.

Strong cash flow is a good indicator of longevity. It also means they have a sound underlying business and financial acumen needed to go the distance.

They are good communicators.

Communication is everything when it comes to successful partnerships. With suppliers and contractors too, it is important that they keep you informed. One way to judge this is that they meet all your queries with satisfactory responses at the evaluation stage.

Their culture is a lot like yours.

If a supplier or vendor has core business values that are fundamentally similar to your own organisation, chances are things will work well in a business equation too. It will mean there is greater clarity and goals are likely to be more aligned, allowing for a more productive and easier relationship.

You have a good feeling about them.

This one’s hard to pin down, but you will know it when you see it. If you have a very strong ‘good feeling’ about a supplier or contractor who ticks all the other boxes, they are probably a good choice.

Need advice on how to choose the right person for your business?
Do you have a “good feeling” about the person?
Are you getting the most from your money spent?

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