Get the Most Out of Meetings.

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Having fruitful and rewarding meetings at your business or company is vital for the growth and development of the business or company.

Meetings help the board of directors and employees and shareholders voice their concerns and opinions about the progress and performance of the business and what measures can be taken to improve output and overall profitability of the business.

How to get the most out of business meetings?

It is crucial to get the most out of business meetings as some of the people present at meetings take a lot of time and effort out of their busy schedules to be present at the desired time and venue.
Here are a few ways on how to get the most out of business meetings:

Be kind.

Whether you’re the manager, director, CEO or partner of a business or large organisation or firm always make sure to be kind and humble to all your fellow colleagues and employees.
Learn to be friendly to everyone and build a rapport which will enable everyone to voice their concerns and ideas freely and openly at business meetings.


Listening to others present at the meeting is just as important as talking. Make sure that everyone is given an equal opportunity to speak and put forth their views, opinions and ideas across the table and listen to them carefully.
Make sure your mobile phones are in the switch off or on silent mode.

Be respectful.

Always maintain order and decorum in a place of business including the meeting rooms. Don’t get fired up or carried away in the course of business discussions and deliberations and be respectful to everyone in the room. Cool off with a drink of water if you have to!

Be willing to learn from others.

There’s always something to imbibe and learn from your business colleagues so keep your eyes and ears open and take in new ideas and opinions that you wouldn’t have thought of. Remember, meetings are called for people to generate new thoughts and creative and innovative ideas.
Avoid interrupting others while they are speaking as this could come across as being rude and impatient.

Tone and volume of voice.

Make sure to always keep the tone and volume of your voice at a reasonable level so that you don’t give others the impression that you’re getting riled up or anxious.

Body language.

Tapping your hands and fingers on the table, crossing legs and bobbing heads are a big no-no at business meetings. Maintain a level of professionalism as you are being watched all the time and set an example for others to learn from.

Be on time.

Never be late to a business meeting. If you are stuck in heavy traffic or are facing any other kind of emergency make sure to text or call somebody already present at the meeting and inform them of your delay.
Nobody likes waiting for somebody who “accidentally forgot to set his alarm clock in the morning”!

Be assertive, participate and be positive.

Don’t get lost in the conversation, make yourself heard and don’t agree with someone just because you’re feeling scared or intimidated. Focus on the positives of the business rather than harping on the negatives.
Participate in the meeting as much as possible and make yourself assertive. You don’t want people to think that you’re there to get them coffee and doughnuts!

Be organised.

Have an agenda circulated to everyone prior to the meeting so that everyone is up to date and clued in on what’s going to be the topics for discussion. Make sure that everyone introduces themselves before commencing the meeting.

So, keeping the above points in mind, you need to ask yourself 3 important questions –

Have I incorporated some or all of the above points in my business meetings?
Will my business meetings be more productive and valuable if I stuck to the above points?
Will improving my business meetings with the above points bring in more profit for my business?

And that’s the Dish. Until next time, Belinda.

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