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Currently there are a wide variety of social media platforms consumed every day.

People use social media to share and reaffirm their own vision. Social media platforms are also a way to relax, open oneself up to new ideas and connect.

While many people might find sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram useful and fun, LinkedIn is a must for anyone looking to highlight their professional lives. If you’ve missed LinkedIn, now is the time to jump on this beneficial bandwagon and start connecting with businesses, creatives and influencers around the world.

How Is LinkedIn Beneficial to Professionals and Businesses?

LinkedIn at its core serves as an online resume over which you have full control. With your LinkedIn profile you can emphasise your accomplishments, skills, education and interests.

“LinkedIn is a professional must. It emphasises your accomplishments, skills, education and interests.” Tweet: #LinkedIn is a professional must. It emphasises your accomplishments, skills & education. via @ChilliMarketing

Make sure to include the following crucial information in your LinkedIn profile:

  • A strong summary of who you are that allows potential leads to find you relatable as a person.
  • Your experience, education and certifications, thus demonstrating you are qualified for the jobs people are studying your profile for.
  • Projects you are working on and extra skills you may have.
  • Your recent posts and activity; these elements demonstrate a working knowledge in specialised topics and areas of interests that prove your expertise.
  • Your LinkedIn connections: those with who you are connected can more firm up your status as a sought-after authority in your field.

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Don’t Forget to Join Groups or Create You Own Community on LinkedIn

One of the coolest things about LinkedIn is that it allows businesses to create online communities and groups to which working professionals, customers and other interested parties can connect. These communities act as a platform for discussions and shared information that ultimately can be a huge asset for your business’s growth and development. Pay attention to what people are saying and sharing within your communities. Chime in with your own thoughts. You might be surprised just how insightful the feedback and reactions you receive can be.

“Create and join LinkedIn Groups. The key is to be active. Be a contributor and be seen as the expert!” Tweet: Create & join #LinkedIn Groups. Be a contributor and be seen as the expert! via @ChilliMarketing

Start Generating Leads

LinkedIn is all about connections. It provides a wonderful trickle effect and creates a beautiful chain reaction throughout your network. Once you add someone you know, you begin to discover more and more people to connect with, or, vice versa, others start adding you as a connection when they see your profile or the kind of content you post.

“LinkedIn’s potential to generate leads is incredible. Take advantage of every connection you make.”Tweet: LinkedIn’s potential to generate leads is powerful. Take advantage of every connection you make via @ChilliMarketing

It’s easy to become connected on LinkedIn and develop your online presence. Once you create your individual profile, commit to posting a couple times each day. This effort will pay off in profitable connections with high-up professionals in the business world.

LinkedIn is made to help you become more successful! Continue to demonstrate who you are, what your interests are and why people should connect with you and you can’t go wrong on LinkedIn.

Are you already on LinkedIn? What features of LinkedIn excite you the most? Do you know any companies that have groups you can join on LinkedIn? Let us know – drop a comment below!

And that’s the Dish!  Until next time, Belinda

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