Does a Gorgeous Office Make a Difference?

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Working in a large business firm or a multinational organisation can be great when you love your work and have great office colleagues that you really get along with.

In addition to all this, waking up every morning and knowing that you have a beautiful and classy office to go to can really brighten your mood and your day and may even improve your quality of work.Working in an aesthetically pleasing and well-decorated office has a lot of positives.

Working for 9 or 10 hours at a stretch can be extremely exhausting and mind-numbing. But if you’re working in a beautiful and gorgeously decorated office the sights and sounds may cheer you up and make you feel better, and become a lot more productive also.

Here are a few reasons why working in a gorgeous office can really make a difference –

Motivates employees:

Employees working in large business organisations can sometimes allow the work pressure to really get to them. They may feel tired, stressed, anxious and downtrodden at times, and can lead to frustration and mistakes in their work.

If the office has a waterfall or a green room, employees can give themselves a well-deserved break in between office working hours for some relaxation and rejuvenation. A well decorated and beautiful office can provide the motivation your employees need and to promote productivity, resulting in fewer mistakes in their work.

Gives employees a sense of being organised and in control:

A well-kept office keeps employees in check and motivates them to keep their workplaces cleaner and neater. It prevents clutter, mess and chaos.

Makes the office functional and visually appealing:

Walking into a gorgeous office every day that is visually appealing to employees, as well as clients visiting from other offices, gives everyone a sense of being more functional, operational and more efficient. Employees will be motivated to work harder and make fewer blunders.

Employees will enjoy coming to work everyday:

If the office is a great place to be then employees will say that it’s a great place to work in. Have the HR team come up with a few ideas to make the office not only beautiful but a relaxing and rejuvenating place to work in.

You could suggest having a meditation and relaxation room with herbal teas where employees can go to unwind and relax anytime they feel like the work stress and tension is too much handle. This will also help retain employees and prevent them from quitting the company.

Attracts younger talent and increases employee retention:

A gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing office will help a company or business attract the best and brightest talent – young and old, fresh and experienced from all over.

Better talent means better work efficiency and output leading to better results and increased profits. It will also help retain employees and increase the employee retention ratio since they love where they work.

With the above points in mind, it is ideal that every office has certain aspects about it that make it a place where one would be eager to get to every morning.

Ensure that your office design and décor rings true to who you are and what your company entails and is a reflection of your company’s culture, ideals and ethics.

Could vamping up your office space help you be more productive?
What small changes could you make to brighten up your space?

And that’s the Dish. Until next time, Belinda.

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