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GCM Blog Posts copyAny graphic designer can create designs. But sadly, some designs grab the attention of people for only a fraction of a second and then get lost into oblivion.

To be a successful graphic designer, you need to be able to create designs that stay with the observers. The phrase ‘Making it pop’ refers to improving the brightness, contrast and the overall appearance of the design. The art of ‘making it pop’ is still a conundrum for many graphic designers across the globe. The following techniques can be used to improve the appearance of your design:

Using contrasting fonts

 Firstly, you need to figure out which fonts look good when used in combination. Fonts with high contrast should be preferred over others. Choose three or four completely different colour directions and take the design that way. It is also important to choose a colour combination that fits the mood of the project.

Fonts that have high contrast complement each other very well. Saturated and vibrant colour combinations should be tried out. The contrast in key areas should be brought out so as to make the required area look more prominent.

Experimenting with text hierarchy

 Most clients appreciate it when the text in a design stands out. Determine the importance of specific words in the design and try to increase or decrease font size accordingly. Also, the text should be placed in an appropriate position.

If the contrast is off, the letter forms, it might be hard to see the letter forms in a design. For emphasis and impact, bold and light font variants may be used. Using ‘cool’ fonts will help to make the design look informal and stylish.

Changing typographic scheme

The font presently being used may not be ideal for the message that is being conveyed through the design. There are plenty of fonts that a designer can choose from. The height of each character in a piece of text is called ‘x-height’. The width of each character is known as ‘set width’.

The point system is the most common method used to measure type. One point is equivalent to 1/72 inch. Adjusting the space between characters to create a harmonious pairing is called kerning. The kerning in a designing should be done artfully to give it a nice appearance.


If a design looks flat and unconvincing, you can’t blame the customer for turning it down. The designers should invoke their imagination and incorporate designs on a mockup product.

A wide range of mockup designs are available on the web. Some mockup tools that are available on the web are Balsamiq mockups, Mockingbird, Mockup builder and Mockflow.

Images as grids

If the images in a design are included in it as grids, it will help to give the design a more spectacular look. A unique filter should be applied across all the images to give it a consistent look. The images should provide the background to the design.

Is is time for your brand to pop?

And that’s the Dish. Until next time, Belinda.

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