Havaianas means thongs.


Havaianas are the essential addition to the beach kit for sun loving souls across the planet.

For a brand that offers that most basic of all shoes, it commands the attention and respect worthy of big handcrafted shoe makers and dress designers. So what makes these wonderful, quirky and oh-so-colourful thongs such a rage? Read on to find out!

Designs to die for.

The colourful laid back vibe of a pair of Havaianas are a great style statement for fashionistas wanting to make a splash. They’re well loved for their ability to make you look uber cool, without trying hard at all.

Available in lines for men, women and children, the thong styles come in a range of eye popping shades and combinations of straps and prints. Special collections created by designers are also made available from time to time.

The soft almost squishy soles make wearing them feel as good as wearing nothing. The traditional V strap pattern hasn’t changed over time, and its a style that has become iconic beachwear. The company has introduced other styles of rubber footwear, but none as popular as the original.

The complete package.

Havaianas don’t stop at just well designed thongs. Even the packaging is distinctive and delightful! Bright colourful splashy prints., subtler designs that mimic the patterns of your special designer Havaianas. A soft drawstring bag with a beautiful print to keep your precious pair safe and clean. Havaianas are perfection in a package!

Understanding the Havaiana.

“The Havaiana cuts across classes and geographies with its universal appeal.” Tweet: The Havaiana cuts across classes and geographies with its universal appeal> http://ctt.ec/bZtcb+ via @GreenChilli #marketing #branding

You’re just as likely to see a well heeled socialite in a pair when she hits the beach, as you are a kid on the street. It is almost synonymous with Brazil where it originated. Synonymous with unbridled fun, youth, sensuality and vibrant colors, it reflects what we love best!

Priced at around $25-30 on an average, the Havaiana stands for affordable style and has been described as a democratic brand. For something more exclusive, special designs come between $30 and $80 with some styles retailing for as much as $150 to $200.

A website that’s as sunny as the brand.

Much like the Havaiana itself, the website too is simple and straightforward. No complicated navigation. What you see is what you get. Simply choose the range you want to look at, or head to the customisation section from the homepage. A couple of clicks will take you from entry to check out with your new pair of thongs on their way to you. With a special section with products on sale, you might snag yourself a pair for as little as $20.

Be trendy, or just make it your own.

Havaianas designers make sure they keep up with the latest fashion trends in the market. So you can put on your pair of thongs and be sure you’re on-trend.

As if the hundreds of patterns weren’t enough, the company offers customers a chance to create their very own custom pair. Simply choose from one of the many basic patterns on offer on the website to get started, pick your size and start customising your pair with pins of your choice. That way, your Havaianas can be as uniquely you as you want them to be.

Should you ever get stuck, they have vending machines conveniently located that are filled with the latest colours!

“Havaianas don’t stop at just well designed thongs. They are perfection in a package!” Tweet: Havaianas don’t stop at just well designed thongs. They are perfection in a package! http://ctt.ec/J23jN+ via @GreenChilli #branding

What do your pair of Havaianas mean to you?

Is it the carefree fun spirit of the brand that makes you feel footloose and fancy free? Or is it the comfort of slipping into feather light thongs that are a dream to wear?

And that’s the Dish!  Until next time, Belinda

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