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We are very often affected by the feedback that we receive from others. The feedback given to us could be neutral, good or bad but the tone that is used and the words that we hear may have a strong impact on our confidence and how we value our work and ourselves.

If there is a double edge of the tongue and we notice that there is a sting while giving a feedback, it can make us grumble or disillusion us entirely.

How to handle negative feedback  in your life

There may be many people whose productivity, motivation level and mindset are often dictated by the feedback they get from people around them. You may have worked quite hard for your company but may be caught unaware by a bombardment of negativity when feedback you receive is quite disheartening. Having tools to deal with negative feedback can assist you in picking yourself back up after it happens.

Tip 1:  Can you find value in the negative feedback?

We must keep in mind that negative feedback does not necessarily mean that it is not correct or cannot be transformed into a positive statement. When the negative feedback is received that initially may threaten you, you need to stop and analyze whether anything useful can be extracted from it. Have I really done anything wrong? Can you use this feedback to improve our performance in the future? If there is at least some merit that can be attributed to the feedback, and there is something for us to learn from it, then we should try to learn the lesson and continue with our business. As is described below, be sure the feedback is not just a case of a difference of opinion, or sending out a negative vibe.

Tip 2: Beware of a negative feedback – it can be half truth

There may be times when the aim of a negative feedback is to put us down and that is often done by stating just the half-truth. They just contain enough truth so that we start second guessing and becoming defensive. Next time you receive negative feedback, look at the statements, were they entirely false that irked you or was there was a quota of truth. If there is some truth in the feedback, we should pay attention to it and figure out what needs to be done. Often it may leave you thinking that you kind of do the thing that they pointed out but the way the idea was put forward is entirely false. A trick to overcome such a situation is to do away with the false portions of the feedback then repeat the remaining portions in a positive tone.

Tip 3: Decide who you will listen to. 

The email that was sent to you may be hurtful with its message but it is absolutely important to understand what kind of people you should listen to and what type of people you should ignore.

There will always be people that try to chop you down just because they see you as a threat. There is no point taking these people’s opinions on board. The hard part is determining who to listen to and who to ignore.

Negative feedback can be a blessing in disguise. It can help you grow, develop and improve. It can also help you develop a thicker skin, which over the course of your career, will come in handy.

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