Is Investing in a Logo Worthwhile for Your Business?

GCM Blog PostsIgnoring the power of symbolic representations could be a major mistake for you as a business owner and this is one great reason why you should pick a good logo for your company. Symbols and images have been used with great impact to tell convey information, a message, a commitment or a concept in an instant.

Your brand in an easy-to-recall format

Your business logo is THE visual representation of your company’s brand identity. It enables your target audience to quickly associate the visual with the brand and its values. Since visuals are easily retained in the memory.

Your potential customers are most likely to recognise the logo instantly and link it to your brand or business name when they come across it in the marketplace or over media channels. Also remember that visual representations, aka logos, tend to stay in the forefront of the viewer’s mind so they can retrieve your business logo from memory far more quickly than your company name or tag line.

For example, who doesn’t recognise the stylised white flying kangaroo over the deep red background as the logo for Qantas Airlines. A quick glance allows the viewer to connect the dots and know where the company is based and what it does. No wonder that it grabbed the second place in the 2012 list of Top 10 Australian logos in Desktop Magazine.

Simple, symmetric logos work best at branding

The Woolworths logo is good example of how a simple logo can quickly communicate your core brand values to the customer. The green colour gives the impression of freshness while the apple shape indicates food and the stylised ‘W’ gets the viewer to associate the concept of fresh food with Woolworth’s. The logo does a great job of subtly underlining that fresh food = Woolworth’s.

When it comes to symmetry, here is an interesting fact for you. A study done at the Rotterdam School of Management revealed that symmetric logos convey the impression of an ethical, social responsible business to the general public! That’s easy to do, huh??!!

Earn the trust of your audience

Logos make your business appear more established, well-rooted, more trustworthy; and trust is a great motivator for new customers to initiate a relationship with you.

When a potential customer comes across two companies selling a product he/she wants, he/she is more likely to go for the one with a logo. The logo gives the impression of professionalism, which is a huge advantage especially for small businesses competing in an intensely competitive arena.

So, a well-designed logo encourages your audience to trust you, improves your brand recall and helps associate your business with positive traits.

Do you want to improve your branding in the market place?
Do you want your audience to think of your brand first when they need a product/ service you deal with?
Do you want them to associate your business with ethical and socially responsible corporate standards?

Then you definitely need to design your very own logo right now, keeping these points in mind to ensure that you come up with the perfect visual representation of your brand.

And that’s the Dish. Until Next Time, Belinda.

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