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GCM Blog PostsWhether you are running a business full time, planning a start-up, studying at university or juggling multiple freelance projects, keeping all the moving parts in order can make your days more productive than ever.

What if you had an app that could help you organise your day, remind you of all the things you need to get done, and basically manage your day for you? If the idea interests you, read on to find out more.

Want to check out a to-do list for yourself?

We’ve got one you can take a look at: Todoist. This is your personal buddy that helps you get around your time and tasks better by helping you create and manage to-do-lists from multiple devices. It is a service that helps you create tasks, set deadlines, makes notes and share important notes and tasks with other people you work with.

It is available on various different platforms for ease of use. You can access the website on your laptop or personal computer, or use the Todoist app on your phone or tablet. Once you create an account and as long as you have data connectivity on your device, your additions, modification and deletions to various tasks and lists will be automatically synced and updated to all the other devices.

The user interface is simple and clean, so that you can easily get used to working with Todoist, anywhere, anytime.

Important features to look for: 

  • Creating tasks and sub-tasks.
  • Regular reminders and notifications.
  • Syncing in real time.
  • Multiple label and filter options.
  • Marking priorities.
  • Sharing notes and tasks.
  • Recurring reminders and tasks.
  • Visual representation of productivity

How it helps to organise your day. 

The service offers a number of features, as listed above, which can help organise your time better and do more every day.

  • Create sub-tasks – Sometimes, having a large task on your list can throw you off-balance and make it difficult to plan your time. You can now break the down into smaller tasks with time-lines for each so you can get the job done more efficiently.
  • Adding labels and categories – This is extremely helpful if you juggling many projects or jobs at the same time and need to keep track of what needs to be done in each project or job, and by when. Categorising various tasks into broader terms like errands, date, work etc. can keep you from getting confused.
  • Assign tasks – This feature allows you to share individual tasks, sub-tasks or notes with other people you might be working with on a project to remind them about deadlines or assign a task to them.

You can either view individual tasks or categories on your list, or look at all the tasks listed for the day in one glance with the Today View feature, or the Next 7 Days view to see what your week is going to be like, to help you mentally prepare for it well in advance. Exhaustive list of features, user-friendly interface and availability in various formats for devices makes Todoist one of the most useful and well-designed tools that you can get to manage you time and tasks efficiently and effectively.

Do you have trouble with organising your day productively?
Could an task management program work for you? 

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