Leading the way with Lead Nurturing


Making the most of every prospective customer– or lead – you gather can be like embarking on an expedition to scale Everest. But the good news is that it’s possible…. you ready?

It takes time, costs money and is trickier than you think. Add the complicating factor that the best path for others may not be the best path for you, and it can all seem too hard.

Generating the leads is often the easy part. You might attract prospects to your website, gather details from tradeshows or networking events, or even buy contact lists.

But how do you know when a lead is ready to take the next step and become a customer?

If you present a lead with a sales pitch before they’re ready to buy, they might back off completely. (This can in turn cause you to mistakenly assume that leads generated via those marketing channels are not worth the investment.) Or, if you make initial contact then ignore your lead all together, they’re likely to feel abandoned. Either way, they become fair game for your competitors.

Enter the concept of lead nurturing! It’s all about building a relationship with your prospect whether they’re ready to buy or not. And when they are ready, your product or service will be the most logical choice for them.

So how do you nurture your leads?

Lead nurturing goes hand in hand with building your brand. You want to be seen as credible and trustworthy. Start by having regular contact with your potential customers, but make sure the information you give them each time is relevant and useful. That way, you’re becoming a business they can turn to for advice.

To make the information relevant, find out as much as you can about your lead. Create a profile and a history. Being familiar with their goals, desires and industry issues helps you more accurately target the content you provide them with.

Time to talk to your leads, right now!

Communicate with your leads on their level. Engage them in a one-on-one conversation through, for example, regular email newsletters, which they can rely on to provide consistently valuable information. Video is another increasingly popular way of achieving one-on-one engagement. But never use just one method of contact. Making your lead nurturing activities an integral part of your overall marketing strategy is definitely the best path to the summit!

In return, you’re likely to find that a nurtured lead will buy more and won’t push you as much on pricing. Plus, the time taken from the purchase inquiry to close of sale will often be shorter.

So ask yourself: is it worth spending time nurturing your prospective customers? You bet!

What are you doing to keep in contact with your leads?
Do you have any industry specific tips?

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