Your Mobile Phone: Friend or Foe?

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Well, technology has become all-encompassing or so the geek would like to believe. The assumption might not be too far from reality.

Especially, the predominance of mobile phones seems to have taken the centre stage.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to note that mobile phones have started to dictate a number of human activities. The field of business is no exception either. Mobile phones have infinitesimally aided the conduction of business transactions in ways more than one.

Today, it has become substantially easier to call up someone instantaneously, store files, manage accounts, keep the customers satisfied, edit important documents and send urgent messages; largely thanks to the smartphone. Thus, a lot of businesses have experienced an exponential growth in their business figures.

However, as much beneficial as the mobile phone might have proved to be, it has had a lot of negative repercussions as well – social, economic and personal. With its addictive demeanour, mobile phones might have transformed the personal and social orientation of an individual, albeit in the less desired course.

Consequently, productivity and real life have taken the backstage.

Mobile phones cause productivity woes

A little introspection makes it fairly clear that people seem to have taken such a liking to their cellular devices that they hardly put it down. Thus, handling tasks sort of becomes a trouble at times.

The entertainment quotient involved in mobile phones, and more particularly the darling of the generation smartphones, pulls away people from their work at times.

Consequently, pressing tasks are put on the backburner. There have been many instances when mobile telephones have been used to the detriment of business interests.

Also, multitasking with the help of smartphones dilutes the quality of tasks being performed at times. Thus, it is absolutely important that the concerned person takes a fresh look at their priorities and emphasise on the most important work at hand – without their mobile.

Mobile phones sometimes constitute familial menace

On the personal front, mobile phones have been nothing short of a serious menace. With the virtual word slowly but gradually gaining prominence over the real world, people have started using the device even while being in the bedroom or in the dining table.

Additionally, clicking away photos at the drop of a hat destroys the aura of the moment and turns it into a mechanical one. Not only can it be disastrous to personal relationships and familial bonding, the practice is counterproductive for health as well.

With the ability to be able to work on the run, it gives you little room to be able to switch off completely. Now more than ever, setting boundaries between work and home life has become all the harder thanks to the mobile phone. It’s up to you to draw a clear line in the sand to ensure the work that you are putting out has 100% of your attention and will not be detrimental to it’s quality.

Some pertinent points to remember

With a lot of executives and business professionals using smartphones during business meetings as well, the technology has become more of a hindrance than an aid.

While the advantages are many and clear, it is important to draw a line. It is absolutely paramount to comprehend the significance of humane touches, being present during business meetings and giving your tasks 100%.

Technology, no matter how great it is, can never replace humanity!

Could a face to face meetings rather than a phone call help nourish a business relationship?
How can setting boundaries with your mobile phone to allow you to be more productive?

And that’s the Dish. Until next time, Belinda.

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