flick the switch – bring your business into the industry spotlight with your instantly recognisable brand

It’s time your business becomes the trusted authority in your industry.

Your business has got the It Factor to becoming the leading brand in your industry, but in order for anyone to know that, they need to know of you.

That’s where branding steps up to the plate.

The first step: we need to build an instantly recognisable brand.

Your brand is so much more than just a logo and colour palette. Your brand represents who you are, how you deliver your ideas, and what you present to your customers in terms of value.

When building an instantly recognisable brand that stands the test of time, we don’t just slap a shiny new brand on top of your current business, we look at your entire business.

That means we’ll ask questions to get to know you and your business to determine what your brand should look like.

We’ll define who your target customers are and develop the key messages that will speak directly to them while ensuring the message is congruent with your brand values.

We’ll build concepts for your visual brand, including the logo and colour palette, and review your current marketing materials and how they might work with the new look and feel.

We’ll build your business story into your brand and add the personality to engage your customers.

And then with all of that we’ll teach you exactly how to take your new brand into the marketplace, so not only is it instantly recognisable, but so you’ll start seeing a return on investment on your new brand.

Marketing is all about being memorable and luckily for you, we eat branding for breakfast. to get on track with your marketing, it’s time to book a free 30-minute marketing session! Click here to book a call now.

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