How to Take Care of Your Customers.

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Once you have accomplished the tough job of obtaining a client, it would be unwise to let them go. Regardless what business you are in, repeat business will not only cost less, but give you high returns too.

The importance of repeat customers

Repeat customers can save you precious money. You have already snared the attention of your buyer and there is no more compulsion to spend money or time again. The trick at this point is to portray yourself and your business as the “go to” when it comes to your offered product or service in the mind of the client.

Delight your clients

Delighting a customer is the easiest way to make them repeat their orders. Delighting, however, is not associated with freebies in this context. It means doing more than the sparse minimum. You must give them exactly what they expect, just as the way you said you would do it. In such a case, the presentation and packaging of your product or service plays an important role.

Keep talking

You should regularly communicate with your clients. Get them on the email list so that they get periodic updates from you. Go a step further and send them “thank you” notes after they have paid their invoices. Make inquiries concerning their satisfaction about your product or services.

Include them in bigger schemes

Your clients have already joined your buyers’ club. Make them feel that they have joined a really cool club. Create a sense of exclusive belonging when they celebrate participating with your company brand. Connect one customer with another in an abstract kind of way. Your task is to make them part of a community. To augment the feeling, you could hold both online and offline events.

Questions to ask yourself

Asking questions is an extremely effective tool to increase your business. It also helps to build your relationship as you and your client talk to each other. The basic question you should ask your client is why he/she needs your product. The answers can be surprising and illuminating.

To give an example, a client who ordered a new website did not need the website for publicising his company, but wanted to earn more. You can then provide a solution that can result in future orders and more importantly, referrals to other potential clients.

You can also question the client whether he/she requires extra or supplementary work. This can be easily found if you know the reason why the client purchased your product or hired your services in the first place. The surest way to get a client referrals is to over-deliver what was originally wanted.

Such a service compels the client to refer you to peers in the industry.

Will this give you lifetime value, and not just transactional value?
Will this help your client to get more clients?

Do ask yourself these questions if you want to increase your revenue.

And that’s the Dish. Until next time, Belinda.


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