The Art of Mind Mapping


Mind maps are tools used to derive information from within our brain. The information is then used to map out ideas that are contained in it. Mind maps allow you to put information in a structure so that your brain can analyze and synthesize the details clearly and then generate better ideas.

The information in mind maps is structured in such a way that it is easier for the brain to comprehend the data and absorb it when compared to looking at traditional text. A mind map is created around single concept that is drawn as an image at the center of a blank page and then ideas associated with this concept are drawn out of it in the form of images and words.

Mind maps are usually drawn by hand in the form of rough notes scribbled into a sheet of paper or the back of a napkin. Mind maps can then be used for organizing information in a structured manner like creating a marketing strategy or an e-course.  Mind maps can also be used for tasks like brainstorming, problem solving, and enhancing creativity, planning and also consolidating information from varied resources.

Mind maps connect ideas to a central subject to make it easy to understand and absorb. All mind map drawing techniques involve making symbols, words, colors and images around a central topic in a logical manner making it easy for readers to understand a topic. The brain’s thinking pattern is elaborately drawn out as a super computer with thought lines emanating from every data node.

How to start Mind Mapping:

1.Take a blank page and start your core mapping process from the center which will give freedom to spread out your ideas on the page.

2.The core image of your mind map should be either an image or picture to express your imagination. A central image will help you focused and interested on a particular idea and expand it naturally.

3.Use plenty of colors as they excite the brain and add vibrancy to life. Colors add creative energy to mind maps and energize its fun element. Use around three colors to have central topic in one color and further subtopics in varied colors.

4.Once you have completed the sub sections and branches connect all the first and second level branches to the main image which will help you understand the concept and be able to leverage these ideas into a new product, strategy or service.

Happy Mind Mapping!



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