The Facebook Page with the most Likes Wins! Not.


Getting likes on your Business Facebook Page may seem like the best thing to do for your business. But is it really? Do those likes equate to income Or brand recognition?

Facebook is an interesting game and there are many game players who believe that the Business Page with the most “likes” wins. But it is important to know that not all likes are created equal.

When starting out in Facebook some businesses purchase likes, some post funny pictures, some use hard hitting text, hilarious jokes or even cute kittens to capture an audience.

But is it the right audience? Below are some tips to get your Facebook Business Page on track and turning likes into brand recognition or better still, income.

“5 tips to ensure your Facebook Page is targeting the right audience.” Tweet:

Know who you are looking for,

Determine your target market and you are well on your way. By figuring out exactly who you need to be speaking to, your posts can be crafted to that exact audience.

Tell them what they need to know.

When you have your audience, work out the things they need to know to engage with your services. If you are only posting fun posts that have no reflection on your business, how do they know how truly awesome you are?

Be authentic.

Don’t try to be a business that you are not. if you’re a mechanic who preaches to their audience about a healthy lifestyle, there is not authenticity in your offering. Why not simply do what you do, and do it well?

Know your Widgets.

Be the business who knows everything about Widgets, rather the business who just sells Widgets. That way you become an authority that people turn to when they need your services.

Have a plan.

So many businesses start their Facebook Business Page without a plan. In much the same way that a Business needs a Business Plan, your Facebook efforts need the same.

Know your goals. Determine how you will go about achieving those goals. Include some posts that really illustrate your purpose and keep you on track. After a while, things will really come together and you won’t need to use the plan as much.

“Likes on your Facebook Page are only valuable if they equate to income or brand recognition!” Tweet: Likes on your #Facebook Page are only valuable if they equate to income or brand recognition! by @ChilliMarketing

What is your Facebook Page telling your visitors?
Does your page work for you?
Do you have a favourite Facebook Page?

So that’s the Dish.

Belinda Bow

I am Belinda Bow

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