The Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing


How your customers feel about your business and what they tell others can directly influence your sales and revenue… This means that Your customers can become a part of your overall marketing efforts!

Picture this:

You’re at a dinner party with your closest friends. Someone mentions that they need their car serviced and you tell them about the fantastic mechanic you went to last week. They were very friendly, they serviced your car quickly and you were very happy at the price. You just became a part of the marketing efforts of that mechanic!

The power of Word of Mouth Marketing.

When we’re faced with a new purchasing decision, our first instinct is often to consult with the people around us. We put more faith in the advice and recommendations of people we know than simple advertising messages. We elevate the opinions of the people we trust even higher and we’re more likely to follow their recommendations.

Word of mouth marketing allows your business to gain credibility through the ever-expanding circles of your customers and the people they know. This is especially true now that social media is part of our ever day life! For that reason, it is really important to incorporate word of mouth marketing into your marketing strategy.

But how do you implement it?

Providing superior customer service – If you have gone above and beyond to satisfy the needs of your customers, they are more likely to tell their peers about it.

Recovering from a negative situation – A customer is more likely to tell their peers about a bad experience than a good one, so if you are faced with a negative situation it’s important to work extra hard, offering exceptional service to turn the situation around.

Implementing a referral program – Offer your customers an incentive for referring your business to their trusted network. You might offer rewards such as discounts, vouchers, or gifts etc.

Have you referred a business to anyone?
If so, what made you do it? Did you have any regrets?
What are you doing to encourage your clients to talk about your business?

So that’s the Dish.

Belinda Bow

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