The Secret to Successful Marketing


You can have the most brilliant marketing strategy in the world, but if it isn’t implemented properly or with commitment, your business will suffer!

Harvard Business Review contributors Neilson, Martin and Powers suggest that the two critical factors in implementing a strategy effectively are decision-making and the flow of information.

Think about Decision-Making and your Marketing Strategy: Does it Fit?

For example, does everyone in your business know who is responsible for deciding on which marketing activities occur when and where? Does that person have the final say or is someone less informed about your marketing direction able to override the decision? If the responsibility is yours but you find yourself never getting around to it, it’s time to delegate.

Hand the decision-making to someone else: Still have input into the plan… but leave the nuts and bolts to someone else.

The flow of information within your business also has a direct impact on your marketing strategy, in a number of ways. For instance, make sure it is possible for your frontline staff, such as those serving customers, to easily keep you up to date about trends they notice or comments customers make. This can help you target your promotional efforts more accurately. If every customer mentions how much they love the blue but really dislike the green, you need to know about it! By the same token, your staff should understand how not passing on this kind of information can negatively affect your marketing efforts. Who makes the marketing decisions in your business? Are they fully informed about your overall marketing direction? Are your salespeople and receptionists providing input into your marketing strategies?

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