The Ultimate Facebook Business Page Checklist.


Whether you’re a brand or an individual user, Facebook has a virtual home for you to settle into.

For businesses and brands, Facebook Business Pages are an integral channel to utilise to connect with your audience — and to build a community around your brand. As social media and digital marketing evolve, maintaining a Facebook Business Page is no longer optional; setting one up has become part and parcel of marketing strategy. For this reason, it’s imperative you know how to do it properly. We’ve put together the Ultimate Checklist to guide you through the process. Before you get started on the checklist below, visit this link: This is where you will actually get started creating your Facebook Business Page. From there you can do everything on our list.

“We’ve put together the Ultimate Facebook Business Page Checklist to guide you through the process.” Tweet: We’ve put together the Ultimate Facebook Checklist to guide you through the process. via @ChilliMarketing

Classify Your Business

When your Facebook page is completely finished it will be extremely beneficial to have your business categorised correctly. Communicating to users what you do straight away allows Facebook users to find your Facebook page quickly and easily, both in Facebook and Google searches. This step is super simple and only requires that you enter basic location and industry sector information. Trust us and don’t skip this step!

Complete Your Bio

For this portion of your business page you need to fill out detailed information about your business. Create a brief, exciting and engaging company bio that will grab people’s attention. Make sure to make yourself accessible—include your website URL in your bio. Supply useful information about what you do and what you have to offer. This description should encapsulate the heart and soul of what your business is about. Next, you will need to also upload your company’s branded graphics for your cover image and profile pic. Keep your imagery uniform between your Facebook Business Page and your actual company website.

Organise Custom Tabs Efficiently

One of the most overlooked ways to beef up a business page is by properly organising tabs. Each business page can display four tabs—these serve as a way to provide users with links to applications, photos, polls, events, and more. Arranging your page’s tabs keeps users engaged with your page and facilitates click throughs and to your website and/or landing pages. While your first tab must display photos, the rest are up to you. Create tabs that will highlight the information, products and services your business offers. Deciding on the tabs and apps you want to use on your business page reinforces the need to organise efficiently. Spend some time planning these sections and update them frequently, as when used well, these tabs are your opportunity to let your users have fun on and engage your brand. Think it through!

Get Familiar with the Page Manager Tools

The Page Manager is your best friend when it comes to making changes to and evaluating performance of your Facebook page. With it you can make changes to your bio and adjust settings to fine-tune the overall functionality and appearance of your page. Take a moment to go through a tour of the Page Manager section, located at the top of your business’s page. The Page Manager includes sections for Posts/Notifications, new private messages, competitor information, suggested friends to invite to “like” your page and paid promotion tools. The menu at the top of the page contains links to edit your page’s user roles, review and adjust page settings, and to view your page’s analytics (Insights). All these tools play a vital role in managing your page and its performance, so it’s well worth your time to make sure you understand them!

“Facebook Page Manager is crucial when making changes to and evaluating performance of your page.”Tweet: Facebook Page Manager is crucial when making changes to and evaluating performance of your page via @ChilliMarketing

Fuel Your Page’s Performance with Content

Perhaps the most exciting part of managing your Facebook Business Page is coming up with a content strategy and seeing it through. Remember, you want to keep your audience engaged, so it’s important to take time to plan. Share content that is compelling to your fans and that builds trust for and rapport with your brand’s community. Post at least once a day, and engage with fan comments quickly and sincerely.

“Fuel your Facebook page’s performance with content and more tips in our checklist” Tweet: Fuel your Facebook page’s performance with content and more tips in our checklist. via @ChilliMarketing

Enjoy your new Facebook Business Page – let it inspire your business as well as your audience!

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