Marketing Is More Than Advertising

Advertising is one element of marketing but it’s not the only element.

Your research, your email leads, your social media, and your google-ability are all elements of marketing too. Add all your elements together and you’ve got a consistent, congruent marketing plan that’ll bring the big bucks to your bottom line.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Green Chilli Marketing use to spice up your marketing to high heat.

Research It

Knowledge is power. Green Chilli will help you understand what makes your competitors tick and what your customers think.

Great Looks

First impressions will make or break your business. Green Chilli will help you design a logo that bursts your brand into the spotlight.

Expert Design

Your design needs to go the distance, and not just be a passing trend. Green Chilli will help you design your business with stickiness, so it doesn’t just burst onto the scene, it stays there.

Great Words

What you say and how you say it will determine whether you get seen, heard and ultimately paid by your customers. Green Chilli will help you get the words just right.

Email Leads

Email marketing gets you into the personal and private inbox of your customers, getting their undivided attention. Green Chilli will help you take advantage of email marketing.

Hot Websites

Your online shop front is just as essential as your bricks and mortar. Green Chilli will help you increase your credibility with a custom designed website.


Your customers are searching for answers to their questions daily. Be the business to show up on their search and capture their attention. Green Chilli will help you get you found on Google.

Smart Strategy

All your business goals and outcomes can be achieved (and amplified) through marketing activities. Green Chilli will help you implement a sound marketing strategy for business success.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels are designed to be the ideal customer experience as they go from prospect to repeat buyer. Green Chilli will help you develop and execute your perfect sales funnel to get the right people buying from you, repeatedly.

Hot PR

Get in front of more customers and elevate the public’s attitude towards your business. Green Chilli will help promote you and your business as industry experts.


Think outside the box and franchise your business for a new level of success. Green Chilli will help walk you through how to franchise your business to turn your current success into a franchise opportunity.

Social Media

Your customers are on social media multiple times a day, therefore your business needs to be on social media. Green Chilli will help you create a social media presence that heats up your community, engagement, and sales.

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