Top 3 Blogs to Follow When Starting a Business.

Top 3 Blogs to follow

Starting a business is not a simple task.

No matter how skilled you are in your niche area, how much you have prepared for the journey, how much you think you know about the process- you will still need a lot of help and advice along the way.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your business at times?
Do you feel a familiar fear about whether or not you are doing the right thing when you take business decisions?
Have you ever wished that you had stayed on with your regular job instead of starting out on your own?

Whether you need tips on hiring the best people for your start- up or you want to know accounting tools to use or you just need to know if other entrepreneurs found the going just as tough, insights from people who have traversed the path before you is always welcome.

That’s exactly why you should follow business blogs that let you draw upon and learn from someone else’s experiences.

Here are three of the best blogs that are sure to help you navigate the choppy waters of entrepreneurship with greater ease:

1. Naomi Simson

Top 3 Blogs to Follow








Famous in her own right and for all the right reasons, as far as entrepreneurs are concerned, Naomi Simpson is perhaps best known as one of the Sharks on Shark Tank Australia.

As the founder of a successful experience and rewards business called RedBalloon, Naomi has traversed the same path that you are trying to walk down as you put your fledgling business through its paces.

She has closely interacted with aspiring entrepreneurs on Shark Tank and invested in many ventures, giving the advice and support needed to help them succeed. The good news is that she shares all of these experiences with you via her blog which has been making waves in this niche for almost a decade now.

Look for deep insights and practical business lessons from her blog posts that can help you understand what to do and when to do it in your business. Naomi makes sure to include really interesting behind-the-scene information about the popular show that adds zest to the blog.

2. Her Business

Top 3 Blogs to follow








Formerly known as the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, this blog is a great source of information on diverse topics related to business.

Complete with usable, practical advice from successful women entrepreneurs, the blog always has new content for regular followers.

There are freebies, such as books and cheat sheets, which help train you to become a better business owner.

The blog was started in 1994 and today, it has a huge community that is some 30,000 members strong and all of them are active and willing to offer tips and insights on business matters.

You can even get a mentor through the blog, which is definitely as great bonus.

3.Coping with Jane

Top 3 Blogs to Follow









The breezy language and direct approach are what attract to you this blog but what keeps you hooked is the realistic take on common problems and the no- frills way in which the blogs address them.

The blog comes from an ex- senior manager who gave up her successful career to become a super- Mum come business coach come online marketing advisor and many more.

The focus of the blog is to help start-ups leverage the immense power of the internet to take their business to the next level.

Expect to see some really great videos, podcasts and training programs that are sure to help you evolve into a savvy business owner in no time.

How could following a business blog help you?
I would love to know which entrepreneur do you look up to and why? 

And that’s the Dish. Until next time, Belinda.

Belinda Bow

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