Turn a good idea into a great one


Ever had a good idea? One that you swore was a winner but just never really worked? Next time you have a good idea, workshop it!  And we can help you do it right the first time!

Instead of implementing your brainwave straight away or putting it on the backburner, sit down with your peers and discuss it. Workshopping your ideas with others is a fantastic way to get a different perspective on them.

Get an outsiders opinon.

You have to admit, we’re pretty biased when it comes to our thoughts and ideas, which, not surprisingly, are often clouded by our own judgement. So next time you have a new and innovative idea to improve business functions, instead of going like a bull at a gate, make a time to talk about it with your team. Get other people’s opinions, listen to their ideas and suggested improvements, and note down the discussion.

Brainstorm your idea to evolve it further.

Brainstorming can be really valuable when you’re trying to figure out your next marketing move. Place all of the ideas (literally) on the table and talk through each option as a group. This will provide you with a great deal of clarity before embarking on your campaign, while at the same time ensuring everyone is on board with the idea you decide to go with.

Get the right person for the role.

Talking to a person who is external to your business will also shed some light on your ideas. Choose someone who you know will give a genuine judgement of your idea, someone who is not a stakeholder in your business to be sure you get an unbiased opinion.

Got a good idea? Tell us about it.
How do you co-ordinate your brainstorming sessions?

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