Unlocking Networking Know-how

When the topic of networking comes up, many people are quick to say “I’m hopeless at networking”. But when you stop and think about it, we are all involved in networks our lives without even trying.

Simply being part of your local community is an example. You share connections with your neighbours, shopkeepers, the local vet, teachers and sports coaches just by being a neighbour, customer, pet owner, parent or weekend sports warrior.

You become linked to a circle of friends by being one.

The same applies to business networks. As an employee, employer, business owner, manager or entrepreneur, with no effort whatsoever you soon get to know other employees, employers, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

An article written by BNI Owner Glenn Kirkwood and Dr Ivan R. Misner surmises that effective networking is about getting to know and trust other people. In other words, it’s about building relationships.

To look upon it as a quick-reward self-promotion exercise is bypassing the most important aspect of networking. You’ll have no hope of ever building a relationship based on mutual trust if it’s all about you!

The more time you spend in a network, the more you get to know its members, how you can help them and how they may be able to help you.

Approaching networking with your focus on helping others is the best way to create a feeling of trust.

Perhaps if mutual assistance was more common than mutual admiration in our business communities, we’d all reap greater rewards. Β Consider these points and reflect on your own approach to networking.

Let’s pretend we are at a networking function, and you have just bumped into me at the buffet.
Tell me a little about yourself and your business…

So that’s the Dish.

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