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In an increasingly globalized market, emerging marketing trends become an integral part of multinational business practices within a short period of time. Marketing trends reflect consumer attitudes, reaction and behavior and have to be considered during planning for a company’s future. With growing challenges on a global scale now companies have to face competition from local as well as global competitors. The most positive point of today’s connected but competitive world is that people companies can connect directly with their buyers and can have information about changing tastes and preferences around the world with the click of a few buttons.

Now marketing departments have both online and offline marketing avenues to impress their target clients and improve their branding. Small and large corporates have to understand their strengths and ability to meet consumer demand before adopting marketing strategies which will bring on demands that they are not equipped to handle. The right approach would be to combine both traditional and modern marketing practices that will help the organization grow from local to national markets and expand business into international markets.

  1. Emphasis on brand’s authenticity

When companies create promotional content they should emphasize on authenticity of the brand and quality of its products. Corporates have to connect with their audience and understand their needs which can be combined with brand messaging so that target buyers regard them an extension of themselves. But during your brand building process stay true to your product properties while connecting it to target audience’s needs else consumers will regard you as just someone that is selling products.

  1. Enhancing real time consumer experience with context based online technology

Most companies today have both online and offline presence that keeps target customers aware of new changes in their product and services. With mobile applications and easy payment facilities corporates are seamlessly combining online and offline presence to enhance brand presence and retail business. Low cost beacons in the form of social networks, emails and smartphone applications go a long way in building consumer base and brand loyalty. Research shows that nearly fifty percent of people that search for particular products or services on smartphones while traveling or driving around are likely to visit that business.

  1. Managing complexity instead of minimizing it

A puzzling trend that has emerged in customer behavior is purchase of both premium and inexpensive brands by same customers which is making it difficult for marketers to categorize buyers into economic groups. Irrespective of their financial background, people today are visiting discount stores, supermarkets, premium stores and warehouse discounters with same enthusiasm across the month besides making online purchases.

All large consumer product brands now have a variety of products in each price segment that are packaged in different sizes to suit consumer needs. Now marketing teams have to arrange product portfolio in such a manner that all their products fit into every available niche available in the market.

By concentrating on their key strengths and combining them with marketing skill will help organizations to maximize returns on investment and compete against peers in a fragmented global market.

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