Why is it good to have a personal brand?


Building a personal brand is a long term strategy. This can be done using online social media and other methods. The concept of personal brand building has been in the market for quite sometime, it was generally used by entrepreneurs and business heads.

Personal branding is done by first identifying unique qualities of an individual and then communicating those relevant specific qualities to the target audience.  This is a powerful way of telling people consistently about your special qualities and how you can be of service to them. Through this method you can not only proclaim your unique qualities to target customers but also project yourself as niche expert.

What does personal branding mean?

This concept was first popularized by Tom Peters through an article “A Brand called you” who stated that all individuals should know how to market themselves and can improve themselves to be ahead of others competitors in the job market. Personal branding includes activities like improving your resume and achieving professional goals at different phases of life. The process goes through various steps wherein a person evolves from an ordinary individual into a brand and establishes his/her identity in society and professional field.

Steps to establish your personal brand

  1. Accessing your strengths – This is a method of determining your abilities and professional reputation based on inputs provided by you about personal vision, values and goals. As an aspirant in a competitive world you have to create a personal niche so potential audience regards you as a unique individual in a sea of similar people.
  1. Communicating your ideas – Once you have decided on the image to be projected to the audience you have to flesh out how your ideas and unique attributes will be communicated to them. In this stage you will have to build a continuous communication channel with the potential audience.
  1. Update social media profile and start interacting – To add fuel to your media campaign, concentrate on building your social media profile in tune with personal brand goals. Post details regularly about advancements made in your product or service and public reaction to the same. Revise relationships with old clients and present a narrative about how your brand has improved over the years with easy to follow case studies.

How can personal branding help your career?

When you rebrand yourself as a promising candidate with value by pinpointing the experience you have gained over the years and expertise that you can provide in activities relevant to your education. When personal branding is carried out in a professional manner it breathes new life into your career as it generates interest of potential employers. After going through this process you get better insight about your capabilities which increases self confidence.

It also helps you get more clarity about personal and professional goals and priorities. After carrying out a personal branding exercise you will learn to differentiate yourself from others with similar qualities and can give you more control over weaknesses so you can improve personal strengths.

Putting yourself out there as a personal brand is a learning curve, but it has many benefits both for you personally and for your career. Are you ready to start building a personal brand? I am building mine, you can check it out over at www.belindabow.com where I share about being a marketer, a mum and the juggle of it all.

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