Why Your Graphic Design is Your Most Important Branding Partner


Are you proud of your business logo? And your website design? Do you think they accurately represent all that’s wonderful about what you offer your customers?

Hopefully you answered YES but if you didn’t then you might start looking at your graphic design.

Graphic design is the creative process of designing imagery that conveys a specific message to an audience. It’s absolutely vital to the expression of what your brand means to your target market.

Every physical symbol we use in our marketing, like our graphic design, gives a signal about what we stand for. Graphic design focuses on the visual communication and presentation that allows your customers, both current and potential, to identify you by an image or a logo.

Graphic design entails much, much more than just creating a nice image.

Every part of graphic design must engage with people on multiple levels. The colours, images, and text all work together to create an overall image that (hopefully) attracts exactly the type of people you are looking for.

Your graphic designer must consider what your target market likes and dislikes, and what will ‘wow’ them and what they will feel a connection to. Then they have to channel that into your graphic design.

Your graphic design must also match the other elements of your other marketing.

Your graphic designs should reflect your market position and brand values. For example, if you are positioning your business as classy and elegant with high quality products or services, you wouldn’t use bright (tacky) colours and a basic image for you logo, website and marketing collateral.

In order to get the best graphic design possible for your business, it’s important to outsource to a professional. Don’t try and kid yourself that you can do a job that’s “good enough”. A good graphic designer is worth their weight in gold, taking your vague words and marketing statements and creating the graphic representation of everything your business stands for.

Let them to go crazy with your design and come up with something spectacular!

Are you looking at your logo differently?
Is your branding consistent on your website, brochures and stationery?

So that’s the Dish.

Belinda Bow

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