Working Harder Means More Money, Right?

Working Harder
Most of us have played Jenga, take a block from the centre and put it on top and keep going until someone topples the pile.

Business is like that.

There are days (and sometimes several) when you think about your cash flow or the financial situation of your business and think, if there were more hours in the day i could earn more money.

Or perhaps you look at other business owners and think, how do they do it? How do they have a thriving business, with the money rolling in and keep on top of absolutely everything else in their lives? It seems like they have more hours available to them!

Doesn’t everyone work crazy hard?

Today, I am going to lift the lid on the secrets about everyone having their act together, working their butts off 100% of the day not looking back to take a breath. Here’s the deal. Yes, everyone and particularly business owners work hard, damn hard. But it’s not all about working harder.

At the end of the day, working harder and harder can often end in confusion, a sense of overwhelm and very little in the way of productivity. You have probably heard the saying, “a confused mind says no”. So what if there was a better way to help bring in the money you need without falling into the pattern of more, more, more when it comes to work?

Working Harder

How does it happen?

Falling into the trap of “more work means more money” is an easy one to get into. The change usually begins slowly and then before you realise what is happening, you’re working longer and longer hours with very little increase to your income.

The interesting thing is that when you’re in the midst of the turmoil, you’ll find it difficult to notice it’s happening, unless someone can give you some signs to look for.

The signs.

Take the time to step back from your business and look at your role.
Look at how your day pans out and consider the following:

  • Do you flit from one project to another?
  • Do you find you are saying yes more than you are saying no?
  • Do you start your day without your goals in mind?
  • Do you delegate parts of your work?
  • Do you micro manage?
  • Do you end your days feeling like you have achieved any goals/to do list?

Take a step back and take a breath.

Every business owner has moments when you need the cash in your account. But there are only so many hours in each day. What you need to remember is that there is nothing wrong with being busy, just ensure you are being productive while you are busy.

Working harder

Here are some tips to get you into a mindset of working smarter:

Plan your day.

Starting your day with your end goals in minds means that your focus is sharp and you know how to get from A to B.

Switch off.

When you’re in work mode, switch off your email, your phone (if possible) and social media. By removing the “down the rabbit hole distractions” you can keep your mind on the job at hand.

Be selective.

Know your limitations and understand that saying no can be just as good for your business as saying yes. Choose the right clients for you and know that taking on only what you can manage means that you and your clients will benefit.

Get your finances sorted.

Understand that if you know what you need to spend each month, you will know what you need to earn. That way you can set the hours you need to work in place and you’re not trying to cover yourself at the end of the month.

Know what you’re good at.

Understand that you are not brilliant at everything. I know, tough to realise, but it’s true. By acknowledging your weaknesses you can employ the right experts to do a kick arse job (in half the time you can) and make your business look fabulous!

Don’t believe the hype.

Seriously, Facebook can be hazardous for your health and wellbeing. If you think that everyone on there is bringing in the big bucks, has a perfect life and can just stop to smell the roses whenever they damn well feel like, you’re wrong. Oh so wrong. Remember that everyone is just putting their best version of themselves out there, so keep your mind on your own game, not theirs!

The Big Picture

Just know that it’s ok to stop and take stock of where you are headed before you continue of a path of overwork. Ultimately, it’s your health that will suffer and then where will you be? It’s time to take care of you first, so you can take care of business.

What could you implement into your business to help you prioritise?
Is there an aspect of your business you could outsource?

This article was first publish in Her Business, February 2107.

And that’s the Dish.
Until next time, Belinda.

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